3km Solar Electric Fence Charger Energiser Protect Farms Equine Commercial



Quick and convenient to install and easy to move around. The Giantz 3km Solar Electric Fence Charger Energiser is a convenient way to prevent livestock and animals escaping from your property and letting unwanted wildlife in. Perfect for farm or suburban home use, this trusted product is easy to install and can be set up in just a matter of minutes. Compact, lightweight and versatile, this effective and low maintenance Solar Fence Energiser will do the job it’s designed to do – perfectly.


  • AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES: Ideal stand alone for all your livestock fencing requirements and a great all-rounder for beef cattle, dairy, sheep and goats. Great for rotational (strip) grazing, sectioning off temporary paddocks, protection of haybales or water courses or to strengthen or protect a boundary fence.
  • EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES: Use the 3km Solar Electric Fence Charger Energiser when you want to strengthen your existing fencing or stop your horse cribbing on the fence posts. Also great for creating a holding paddock or corral as the unit is so lightweight and portable, weighing just 1.66kg. Perfect for putting in a back-pack to take to a horse show.
  • HOBBY FARMS: Just like on larger farms, you want to protect your smaller animals from unwanted visitors and stop your hobby animals from wandering off in the night. Also great for setting up portable pens while travelling and showing.
  • PEST CONTROL: When combined with an appropriate fence design, the 3km Solar Electric Fence Charger Energiser may be used to control a wide range of pest animals, including: foxes, wild dogs, dingoes, wombats, deer etc. With adaptation, it can also be used for bird control on solar hot water systems and on commercial buildings to reduce damage.
  • SHIPS FROM AUSTRALIA: Don’t wait for the horse to bolt out of the gate! Order today and receive protection for your animals and property before the damage is done.


  • Indications: For use on farms, suburban and commercial properties
  • Output Voltage: 8kV (+ -1.5kV)
  • Fence Length: Up to 3km
  • Dimensions: 194 x 178 x 175mm

In The Box:

  • 1 x Solar Electric Fence Energiser
  • 1 x Cable set

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