Aura Aware Smart Distance Alert System - Intelligent Social Distancing Sign

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Welcome Clients & Maintain Distancing Without Barriers

Aura Aware Smart Distance Alert System.

Maintain Recommended Healthy Distance Between Employees and Customers. Friendly Interactive Visual Guidance and Optional Sound. RRP$399.

In these unprecedented times, companies need to address a new kind of normal. While providing a customer-friendly and service-minded experience is important, the utmost priority is in the creation of a safe environment for both employees and customers.

The interactive functionality of the Aura Aware device creates awareness and realises behavioural changes in a positive way by alerting people via audio-visual cues. Maintaining safe distance practices don't come naturally. Non-interactive stickers and signs are commonly ignored by the general public or missed entirely by the visually impaired.

Used by stores such as Ikea as well as in the hospitality and catering industry. The Aura Aware device is of a Dutch design produced in the EU using latest technologies, innovation and re-usable materials. It acts as a convenient reminder to employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing practices.

While the current guidelines are to remain a minimum of 1.5 metres away from the nearest person, we are aware that these guidelines may change. In this instance, or if you would prefer to set your own measures, the warning range on Aura Aware can be easily modified by the Aura Aware app at no extra cost. The sound is an optional feature and can also be modified and switched on or off using the app.


PRACTICAL INTERACTIVE CONVENIENT: customer facing reminder for service desk, checkout, counter-top or reception areas as customers wait in line. Used by 1000s of businesses in 34 countries worldwide, this device works straight out of the box and cleanable with detergent and wipes

PATENTED DUTCH LIDAR TECHNOLOGY: commonly used in self-driving cars, scans the room at a 27-degree angle to detect if persons are within the 1.5 metre Australian Medical Association recommended guidelines. Helps businesses face the difficult task of maintaining the social distance imposed by law. Easy distance and sound adjustment through no extra cost mobile app.

STYLISH AESTHETIC DESIGN: with wood finished baseplate. Blends in perfectly with most interior designs in stores, medical centers, hospitality service areas and more. More elegant and effective than stickers, signs and scotch tape on the floor. Glows green when distance guidelines are being maintained

RED VISUAL ALERT: reminds employees and customers to keep their distance. Optional sound is available at 90 cms or closer. Enables store employees and receptionists to focus on client service without having to ask them to keep their distance

SHIPPED FROM AUSTRALIA, and powered via micro USB (Specifications output: 5V-1A). Plug it into a standard power charger, or power bank. Not battery operated. Power supply is included.

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