Garage Shelving 120cm Warehouse Racking Shelving Storage Rack Steel Black



If you have a hard time to get things organised, or need more space for storage, then maybe it’s time for you to grab some decent heavy-duty shelving. With a proper storage shelving system setup, you can maximise your space, get things very well organised, and make it much easier to access your items.

No just for domestic use, we have lots of customers who use our shelving for commercial purposes. This 1.2M garage shelving unit with its industrial strength steel construction does the work you need confidently and still looks modern and sturdy. The Giantz 4-tier Storage Rack that can hold up to a massive 200kg per shelf. Perfect for storing and organising items in the garage, warehouse and office store room. You can conveniently store toolboxes, chemicals and other supplies.

Besides the gigantic weight capacity, the rack is also built with industrial-strength steel with ample supporting beams and braces to hold and keep the structure firm and steady when fully loaded. Each shelf can be adjusted to suit the height of the loads through its innovative boltless assembly system (no tools needed) and every component is powder-coated for a rust-resistant finish. 

Easy to assemble and also expandable by simply adding on other units, our storage rack is the perfect choice for your garage, office, warehouse and home, allowing you to improve space utilisation and save valuable floor area.


  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This home and factory storage garage rack boasts a massive 200kg capacity per shelf due to its strong beams and braces
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELF HEIGHT from the boltless assembly system means you can fit whatever you need on the shelving platform no matter the weight and size.
  • REINFORCED FRAME ensures that even the heaviest of items don’t break or buckle the shelving system and keeps them off the floor.
  • RUST-RESISTANT COATED FINISH means that your shelving units still look great after years of use.
  • SHIPS FROM AUSTRALIA: Don’t wait for months for these units to be shipped over from other shores. Our stock is already here and ready to be shipped to you from warehouse to door


  • Dimensions: 120cm x 40cm x 180cm
  • Capacity: 200kg/tier
  • Tiers: 4

Package Content:

  • 1 x Storage Shelf Rack
  • 1 x Assembly Manual

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