Giantz 30 Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Tools Organiser Shed Work Bench Garage



Dual purpose the wall mounted storage can be used as bins or a tool holder. The detachable bins make finding things easier.

When you enter your garage, do you find that your tools and small things are scattered everywhere? 

Now you can make your area more organised and tidy, just by getting this bin and tools holder. It's a perfect solution for storing your tools and accessories in your garage or storage room. Making it easier to look for the right tools in a short time.

The detachable bins and easily labeling system makes it much easier to find the right tool or item whenever you need it. The versatile peg board on which the bins attach can also be used to hang other items easily.


  • PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TOOLS & ACCESSORIES STORAGE: 2 bin sizes for different tools and accessories make this heavy duty storage set up an essential item for use in your garage, storage shed or business.
  • EASILY CHANGEABLE LAYOUT  and labeling spot for either stickers or marker pen makes sure that you can store the most awkward tool or item off the ground and know exactly what is what and where it is!
  • SHIPS FROM AUSTRALIA: Don?t wait for months to have this unit shipped from international sellers.


  • Bin Pieces: 30
  • 18 x Small Bin Dimensions: 10cm x 9cm x 5cm
  • 12 x Large Bin Dimensions: 10cm x 16cm x 7cm
  • Peg Board Dimension: 36cm x 64cm
  • Total Capacity: 36kg
  • Small Bin: 1kg per bin
  • Large Bin: 1.5kg per bin

Package Content:

  • 1 x 30 Bin Storage Rack Set
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions

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