Massage Reclining Chair Anthracite Faux Leather and Bentwood



Our massage reclining chair with a footstool features reclining and heating function. This adjustable TV chair is an excellent seating solution for your living room and office. The set of an electric massage recliner and a footstool is made of faux leather, filling foam, iron frame and bentwood base, making it stable and soft to be seated. The recliner features 6 massage points for the head, neck, back and legs by sending out relaxing vibrations. The included USB and remote control allow you to pick different massage programs. With one push of the button, the seat can also be heated for an additional relaxing feeling. Additionally, the backrest is adjustable backwards, allowing you to lie down comfortably. The footstool serves as a footrest, and also an individual seat. The seat top can be opened for extra space to store your small items. Experience a good relaxing time with our massage reclining chair set!

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